The Dreamcatcher Dinner and Auction is made possible through the generosity of many individuals and businesses wishing to help provide PASCON’s invaluable services to the Nantucket community.

We thank each of them.
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Tessa Cressman and Caleb Cressman
Bob Felch in memory of Marianne Felch
Fritz McClure in memory of Bay McClure


Ted and Andrea Giletti
Dr. and Mrs. John West


Glidden & Brescher, P.C.
Elizabeth and Michael Galvin
Meehan Gifting Fund
White Elephant Resorts


Michael and Joanne Angelastro
Bill and Jackie Bishop
Lisa Botticelli and Ray Pohl
Tom David and Nancy Moylan
Michelle and Steven Garfinkel in loving memory of Leonard Mittin, Alan Smith, and David Garfinkel and in support of our brother Peter Garfinkel as he fights glioblastoma
Lucile W. Hays
J. Brown Builders Inc.
Jim Meehan and Patricia White in memory of Brian and Elissa Meehan and Tom and Patricia Meehan
Kathy and Roger Penske
Mr. Garrett Thornburg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Verney
Harry W. Wilcox


Anonymous (2)
Jennifer Benzie and Kirk Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Brome
Diane Buechel in memory of Dr. Richard Buechel
Mr. and Mrs. James Carey
Carolyn and Ben and the Champouxs in honor of Jane King and Marianne Felch
James and Kristen Congdon
Mary Cowell-Sharpe and David Sharpe in honor of Dr. Henry R. Cowell
Amanda Cross
Bob and Marsha Egan in honor of PASCON and NCH staff and in memory of Bay McClure
Douglass and Caroline Ellis
Julie Fitzgerald in memory of Members of the Sjolund and Fitzgerald Families
Nan and Chuck Geschke
Gordon Gund
Craig Hawkins and Stan Harvey
Marguerite Steed Hoffman
Island Lumber Co., Inc.
Andrea and Jon Katz
Patty and Gerry Keneally
Joan and Duncan Macallister in memory of Marianne Felch and in honor of Libby Tracey and all the PASCON staff

Emily Molden in memory of Dr. Allan Toole and in honor of my mother, an ovarian cancer warrior
The Nihan Family in honor of Grammie
Notch League in memory of Marianne Felch
Ellen and David Ross
Diane Ryder in memory of Tom Ryder
Ryder Electric in memory of Tom Ryder
Gary and Trisha Shaw
Shelter 7
Trevor and Melinda Smith
Barbara and David Spitler
Stop & Shop
Mrs. Hans E. Tausig
Peter and Debbie Thomas
James Toole in honor of Dr. Allan L. Toole
Skip Tuttle and Jess Hicks in memory of Nancy Tuttle, Annie P, and Troy Towne
Deborah and Donald Van Dyke
Liz and Geoff Verney
Elizabeth and Peter Wareing in honor of Andrea Katz
The Wellen Family
Kim and Finn Wentworth
Linda Wisnewski


Carol Andersson in honor of Edward Zwig
Walter and Maisa Badawy in honor of Marianne Felch
Dianne and Kent Bein
Laura Belair
Cape Cod Financial Services
Meredith and Eugene Clapp
Susan and Toby Coffin
Cyndi Cueto in memory of Nancy Tuttle and Troy Towne
Daniel and Judith Drake
Maureen Dunphy and Anthony Colella in honor of all caregivers
Linda Ferrantella in memory of Nick Ferrantella and in honor of Charlene Thurston and Bonnie Fitz-Gibbon
Dottie and Lou Gennaro in memory of Marianne Felch
Richard and Kate Glidden in memory of Roy Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin L. Greenberg
Toby Greenberg
Sharon Gordon Hartley in honor of Dianne Bein and all of my friends at PASCON who lift me up at every Coping with Cancer session
The Hartmans
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Hartnett in memory of Kathleen and Andrew Rossetti
Elin R. Hilderbrand

Hingham Institution for Savings
Bill and Louise Hourihan
Richard and Sharon Woods Hussey
The Judy Family Foundation
Claudia and Graham Kilvert in memory of Bay McClure
Carol Langer in memory of Rob Langer
Cathy and Tom Lennon
Derrick Maxwell in memory of Sue Ellen Delcourt
Martin and Toni McKerrow
Michael and Christie Misurelli
Herb and Miriam Mittenthal
Nantucket Holistic Health/Paula McQuaid
Nancy Newhouse
Ann and Hardy Oliver
Sam Parsons in honor of all the first responders on Nantucket (and the world) who work so selflessly to help humanity and Carrie Riden
Kevin, Stephanie, and Morgan Ryder in memory of Tom Ryder
Ruddy and Henry Senger in honor of Gladys Silva
Nancy and Ben Shein
Janet and Rick Sherlund
Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Thurston in honor of all the patients, families, staff, volunteers, and board at PASCON
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tofalli
Elihu Sanford Tuttle III in honor of Nancy Tuttle
Union Lodge F & AM
Chessy Wheeler
Ned and Randy Wight
Becky Zadroga in memory of Joanne Holdgate


Jerry and Mary Adams
Janet and Sam Bailey
Chris and Randy Battat
Gene and Susan Briskman
Monica and Peter Campanella
Jonathan and Cynthia Danforth in honor of Tom Ryder
Sheila Daume in honor of Libby Tracey and in memory of Marianne Felch
Ann and Rich DeWitt in memory of Jim DeWitt
Bob Felch in memory of Marianne Felch
Ferrantella Landscaping Inc. in memory of Nick Ferrantella
Holly Finigan in honor of Ruth and Linda
Liz Finlay
Harris and Jay Foley
Jennifer and Norm Frazee in memory of Rae Jean Gross
Peter Georgantas
Linda and Joe Hale in memory of Marianne Felch
Kim and Sean Higgins
Julie Hilberg-Hunt in memory of Robert and Linda Hilberg
Susan Kirp Hochwald
Heidi and Fred Holdgate in memory of Gisela MacDonald
Ken Holdgate
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Jellison
Maryann Jones
Greg and Heather Keltz
Richard and Justine Kingham

Mimi Koehm in honor of Dianne Bein and Libby Tracey
Anne Lanman and Vaughan Machado
Debbie Lewis and Bob Grinberg in honor of Andrea Katz
Mary and Brian MacDonald in honor of Marianne Felch
Lindsley Matthews
Steve and Brenda McDonough
Matt Mendlik and Chris Hayes
Courtney A. O’Neill in honor of all the caregivers
Sara O’Reilly in memory of Mary Cantwell, Norma Shlosser, and Beverly Drake
Chris and Stacie Perry
The Petkevich Family
Kristene F. Pierce in memory of Agnes and F. Ross Franklin
Mary Tinsley Raul
Carrie and Kirk Riden in memory of Roy Barrett and Mary Desrocher
Jay Riggs in memory of Lawrason Riggs Jr, lawrasonriggs111, and Blair Riggs Goddard
Binth Rustad and Normand Berthelette in honor of the PASCON Cancer Support Group and Dianne Bein and in memory of Marianne Felch and Bay McClure
Penny Scheerer and John Schwanbeck
Ivy and Fran Scricco in honor of Teresa Scricco
Sue Storey
Bruce and Suzanne Turner
Cedar and Chris Valentine in memory of Bay McClure
Holly and Steve Visco
Cathy Weaver

Silver Linings

Scott and Hilary Andersen
Anonymous (3)
Jena Anthony
Jean and Paul Bennett in memory of Tom Ryder
Mary Bloomer
The Bonafair Family
Meryl Bralower in memory of Patty Abramson
The Branca Family
Elizabeth B. Braun
Jack and Toni Brescher
Jessie and John Brescher in memory of Roy Barrett
Emily Brooks in memory of Bay McClure
Gretchen Buchmann
Jana and Richard Burch
Eileen and Robert Butler
Jeff Coakley
Joyce Coffin in loving memory of her brother, Tom Ryder
Hugh Conlon in memory of Dave Metz
Meg and Michael Connolly
Posie Constable
The Cooney Family
Lee Costa in memory of Nancy Tuttle
Jo Costakes in honor of Andy Costakes
Susan and Thom Coyne in memory of Bay McClure
Suzanne Daub in honor of my daughter Korinna “Kori” Olson
Mark and Tricia Deck
Jennifer Dunbar in honor of James McAlindin
Lawrence and Deborah Dunham
Betty Dupont
Paul and Stacey Dutra
Ann Egan in honor of James F. Egan, Jr.
Robert and Sheila Egan
Beth English and Mark Donato in memory of Mildred English
Erisman Construction
Ginnie and Howie Faria
Shelby and Jackson Finigan
Sandy Flavin
The Friedman’s in memory of Molly and Joe
Susan Friedman
Kathryn Geddes in honor of Dianne Bein, Libby Tracy, Bonnie Fitz-Gibbon, Heidi Holdgate, Nancy Newhouse, and Toby Greenberg
Karyn Gello
Teddy Giletti
Edward Gillum
Christopher Glowacki
Steve and Peggi Godwin
Bonnie and John Gould in honor of Barbara Lattanzi
Brooks and Sally Bates Hall
Beth Hanlon
Cary Hazlegrove
Mason and Candice Heydt
Carolyn Holt
Joyce Horton
Julie Hynek in memory of Troy Towne
Mrs. Arthur Jacobsen
Amy Jenness
Lucille Jordan
Michael and Lyndell Kalman
Brittany Katz
Patience Killen
Julie Powers Killian
Charles A. Kilvert III
Lilly Kilvert
Tom Kim and John Olson
Lisa Lacoursiere in memory of Bridget Desrosiers
Pamela and Steven Leinbach
Krista Lewis in memory of Kelly Paterson
The Lewis Family in honor of Bay McClure
Jim and Tricia Lowe

David and Virginia Macaulay
Holly MacDonald
Tracy MacDonald in honor of Robert R. Reed “Seaweed”
Kerry M. Maloney
Cam Maltby and Pete Sejersen
Mark C. Manchester in memory of Susan Manchester
The Mayer Family
Maureen and Charlie McAllister
Frank and Peggy McGillin
Letitia McKelvey in memory of Jackie Kilvert
Elizabeth Meehan
James Meehan
Sam Meehan
Taylor Meehan on behalf of the Meehan and White family
Brook Meerbergen and Peyson Potter
Annie Stackpole Menz in honor of Marie Stackpole Hayes
Jan Metcalf
Bruce and Jeanne Miller
Weeniex Montes
Max and Anna Neumeyer
Chris and Janis Newhouse
Mark and Elizabeth Norris in memory of Thurlow Widger
Danielle O’Dell and Michael Toole in memory of Dr. Allan Toole
Jenny and Steve Paradis
Judith Paterson
James and Kim Peters in memory of Stuart Peters
Mary Ellen Peters
James B. Pignato in memory of Jack Pignato
Jennifer Pincince
Nancy Pittman
Tom and Kitty Pochman
Mindy Potter in honor of Mary Armstrong
Kathryn Rady
Charron Ranney
Meredith Raynor
Doug and Heidi Rediker
Hillary Reynolds in memory of Donald Ray Miller
Stephen Riden
Steve and Jill Roethke
W. Steven and Eleanor Roethke
Lisa and Doug Rose
Robin and Mickey Rowland in memory of Chandler and Bill Rowland
Sherry Rowsey and Margaret Duffin in honor of Dianne Bein
Jesse Royster
James and Delia Russell
Janet E. Schulte in memory of Jessica Marie Alm
Drew and Sharon Segadelli
Kathryn Sheehan
Jen Shugrue
Deborah Speer
Charles Soule in memory of Elna Soule
Audrey Sterk in honor of Bernadette Sterk
Patricia Stolte
Bill and Debbie Tornovish in honor of Billy and Sally Tornovish
Marjory Trott in memory of Chris Witte
Roland and Carol Voyages
Mara L. Weiner in honor of my mom, Luci, and in memory of my dad, Ken
Francis and Helene Weld
Kate Weld and Eric Stewart
Denise C. Welsh
Kathleen and John Williams
Patsy Wright in honor of Madaline Finch
Carolyn Grant Zarrella
Brian and Georgene Zevnik

In-Kind Sponsors

Nantucket Yacht Club
Handy & Dallaire Events
Épernay Wine & Spirits
The Sea Grille
Becky Zadroga Photography, Holdgate’s Island Laundry,
Alix Houghton, Nantucket Energy, Placesetters, Zofia & Co.

We’d also like to thank the following individuals and businesses who donated auction and raffle items or experiences:

ACK Gift Bags/Denise Badders, Big Hug Dumplings, Tom David and Nancy Moylan, Épernay Wine & Spirits, Galley Beach/David Silva, Ted and Andrea Giletti, Hepburn, G.S. Hill, Sharon Woods Hussey, PJ Kaiser/LegaSea Raw Bar Co., Scott Marks, Jim Meehan and Patricia White, Nancy Newhouse, Tall Ship Lynx – Nantucket’s Tall Ship/Donald Peacock, Tom David, Inc., and Zero Main on Centre.

We’re so sorry we can’t auction off any of their terrific donations this year, but we are looking forward to giving several away to lucky recipients during the Sunset Hour.


Special thanks to the businesses and individuals below who offered
substantial discounts, contributed “in-kind” items or services, and/or helped in other ways:

Kirk Baker, Jenny Benzie, Dianne Bein, Bill Burnett, Jacob Butler, Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank, Scott Capizzo, Andrew Cromartie, Clare Cunningham, Laura Cunningham, Épernay Wine & Spirits, Ginnie Faria, Bob Felch, Holly Finigan, Lisa Getter, Annabelle Giletti, Olivia Giletti, Brian Glowacki, Chris Glowacki, Jason Graziadei, Great Point Properties, Toby Greenberg, Elin Hilderbrand, Heidi Holdgate, Tihomir Ivanov, PJ Kaiser/LegaSea Raw Bar Co., Carl and Sarah Lindvall, Tracy Long/Cisco Brewers, Duncan Macallister, Caitlin Marcoux, Phil Marks, Lindsley Matthews, Charlie Merritt/Fresh Nantucket, Caroline Montgomery, Rob Morgenstern, Anamaria Morris, Wendi Murrell, Nantucket Cottage Hospital, NCTV18, PASCON Foundation Board, Chris Perry, Poet’s Corner Press, Jamie Ranney, Jesse Royster, Erin Schrader, Gary Shaw, Spanky’s Raw Bar, Charlene Thurston, Libby Tracey, Billy Voss, Ryan Webb, Calista West, Randy Wight, Patsy Wright, Yellow Productions.

Our Sunset Photographers Posted Over 150 Photos to Help Raise $15,000!

Jon Arsenault
Miles Beaudette
Jocelyn Beni
Chris Bonelli
Jane Bourette
John Brescher
Anastasia Cher
David-William Coffin
Kristen Congdon
Meg Connolly
Susan Coyne
Sunny Daily
Sean Dew
Pat Dolloff
Kristen Dussault
Ann Egan
Katie Egan
Marsha Egan
Yolanda Fernandez
Liz Finlay
Ciara Fritsch
Michelle Garfinkel
Peggi Godwin
Genevieve Harmon
Stan Harvey
Charlie Hayes
Julie Hilberg-Hunt
Heidi Holdgate

Sharon Woods Hussey
Kevin Kelley
Anne Lanman
Elizabeth Levine
Lisa Lewis
Vaughan Machado
Caitlin Marcoux
Emily Molden
Beth Morris
Nancy Newhouse
Miranda Owens
Jenny Paradis
Teal Parker
Sam Parsons
Maria Partida
Peyson Potter
Laurie Rich
Carrie Riden
Justin Roethke
Steve Roethke
W. Steven Roethke
Sanchez Saunders
Ivy Scricco
Henry Senger
Peggy Tyler
Tedy Veleva
Kristin Worgess
Becky Zadroga

Funded by the Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket Foundation, the Palliative & Supportive Care Program is operated as a department of the Nantucket Cottage Hospital, which is an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital, and a member of Partners HealthCare. Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket is a specialized health care program dedicated to providing excellent physical, psychological, social, and spiritual care to persons with life-threatening illness and their families.

A Partnership in Caring

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