This Year’s Sunset Tributes

To watch the Sunset Tribute portion of our broadcast event, click HERE.

Sunset Tribute Dedications

All Caregivers
All those who help make this a better island
All volunteers
Mary Armstrong
Jon Aron
Harrison and Leslie Bains
Judy Baltimore
Roy Barrett
Dianne Bein
Joyce and Hiram Black
Gilles Bridier
Mr. Fernando Canseco
Sharon Doucette
Mary-Ann Egan
Bob Felch
Marianne Hutton Felch
Nick Ferrantella
Liz Finlay
Bonnie and John Fletcher
Ronna Galvin
Anne Geddes
Marie Giaimo
Andrea Giletti
Blair Riggs Goddard
Toby Greenberg
Barbara Hobson
John Houge
Melissa Ing
Margaret and Dick Kalman
Andrea Katz
Ernie Kovalencik
Walter H. Kunisch
Giovanna La Paglia
Ken Lindsay
Drew Lipner
Jackie Maltby
Dick Marnell
Bay McClure
Quinn McCusker
Donald Miller
Maria Misurelli
Bambi Mleczko
Nancy Newhouse
Cathy Norton
Sam Parsons
Kathryn Rady
Carrie Riden
Kathleen and Andrew Rossetti
Tom Ryder
Mariellen Scannell
Dix Shevalier
Emily Stover
Harry Tenney
Dr. Allan L. Toole
Libby Tracey
Troy Towne
Donald Trott
Nancy Tuttle
Mark Voigt
Chris Witte
Louis Seymour Zimmerman

Dedicate Your Own Sunset

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