C.S.Lewis A Grief Observed

Carol Stoudocker A Time to Grieve- Meditations for Healing

Deepak Chopra Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

Deepak Chopra Journey Into Healing: Awakening the Wisdom Within You

Daniel Kuhn Alzheimer’s Early Stages: First Steps in Caring

Sharon Fish Alzheimer’s: Caring for a Loved One Caring for Yourself

Teresa Strecker Alzheimer’s: Making Sense of Suffering

Beth McLeod Caregiving:The Spiritual Journey of Love and Renewal

AARP Caring to Help Others

Ira Byock Dying Well: Peace and Possiblilities at the End of Life

John Bayley Elegy for Iris

Fourteen Friends Fourteen Friends’ guide to elder caring

John Jones & Frank Cherry Grief Recovery Handbook

Joanee Lynn & Joan Harrold Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness

Marcia Lattanzi-Licht Hospice Choice:In pursuit of a Peaceful Death

Therese Rando How to go on Living When Someone You Love Dies

Mary Jane Moffett In the Midst of Winter

Kenneth Doka editor Living With Grief- Loss in Later Life

John W. Rowe Successful Aging

Nancy Mace & Peter Rabins The 36 Hour Day

Victor Frankl Man’s Search For Meaning

Benson Stuart The Wellness Book: A Comprehensive Guide to Maintain Good Health

Mitch Albom Tuesdays With Morrie

Golden & Miller When a Man Faces Grief

Kushner When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Phyllis Silverman & , Scott Campbell Widower

Edward Hallowell Worry

Stephen Levine Year to Love: How to live this year as if it were the last

Morrie Scwhartz Letting Go- Morrie’s Reflections on Living While Dying

Earl Grollman Living When a Loved One Has Died

Jane CowlesPain Relief- How to Say No to Acute, Chronic Pain

Sarah Van Brethnach Simple Abundance: A Day Book of Comfort & Joy

Richard & Wayne Sribnick Smart Patient, Good Medicine

Andrew Weil Spontaneous Healing

James Hewitt The Complete Yoga Book

Funded by the Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket Foundation, the Palliative & Supportive Care Program is operated as a department of the Nantucket Cottage Hospital, which is an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital, and a member of Partners HealthCare. Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket is a specialized health care program dedicated to providing excellent physical, psychological, social, and spiritual care to persons with life-threatening illness and their families.

A Partnership in Caring

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