2019 marks the 10th Annual Christmas Stroll Art Show benefiting Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket (PASCON) and the Marla Ceely Lamb Fund. It’s at Quidley & Co. on Main Street.

Over 175 artists have participated since its inception. We welcome new and returning artists.

To indicate interest, email cmriden@pascon.org If you do not email to indicate interest and/or if you miss the drop-off deadline, we cannot guarantee including your work in this year’s show.

We are looking for original, quality works. There are no subject or medium restrictions.

Patrons are generally looking for great deals. This event began as a “mystery auction” where patrons paid $100 and were able to choose any piece in the show on a first come, first served basis. It was definitely seen as a competition to get the best deal.


  • You may submit one commission piece and one or two donations.
  • For donated works, PASCON and the Marla Lamb Fund retain 100% of the proceeds.
  • For sold commission pieces, you will receive 50% of the minimum bid. PASCON and the Marla Lamb Fund receive the other 50% of the minimum bid PLUS anything over the minimum.
  • You set minimum bids. We strongly encourage you to set bids as low as possible to help ensure a sale.
  • We cannot accept artworks that exceed 36 inches in any dimension, including frame. We have limited space for this show.
  • We cannot accept works that have not dried.
  • Everything must arrive ready to be hung. If there’s no frame, there must be a wire or hook on the back for hanging. Without a method for hanging, your piece may not be included.

  • Patrons submit sealed bids. No one else will know what others have bid. This format encourages patrons to bid the highest amount they’re willing to pay for a piece.
  • Highest bidders are announced Saturday at 3. If there’s a tie, bidders are given the chance to raise their bids in a live auction format.

  • Artists for whom we have contact info. and who haven’t opted out received an initial invitation via email on or around October 22nd and were told they must respond to the email to indicate interest if they wished to be included on the website and in promotional materials.
  • Artists contacted initially who did not follow up will receive a reminder email on or around November 8th.
  • All artwork is to be delivered to Quidley & Company at 26 Main Street on Nantucket no later than Sunday, November 24th. Quidley is open Saturdays – Mondays from 10-5 and Sundays from 11-3. Note that they are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Artists must print out and complete an ART SUBMISSION FORM for each piece before dropping off.
  • Bidding opens Thursday, December 5th at noon and closes at 3 pm on Saturday, December 7th when winning bids are announced. You will be notified by phone and/or email no later than 8 pm if your piece did not sell.
  • Unsold works must be picked up Saturday, December 7th between 4 and 5 pm or Sunday, December 8th between 11 and noon at Quidley. If you are not able to pick up during these hours, please be sure to arrange for someone to pick up in your stead. Quidley closes for the season on Sunday, and there is no storage available. We cannot guarantee safeguarding of unsold pieces.
  • Payment (for sold commission pieces) and details on sales will be sent to each artist within two weeks, hopefully sooner. Details will include the buyer’s name and any contact info. collected as well as the sale price.
  • Funded by the Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket Foundation, the Palliative & Supportive Care Program is operated as a department of the Nantucket Cottage Hospital, which is an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital, and a member of Partners HealthCare. Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket is a specialized health care program dedicated to providing excellent physical, psychological, social, and spiritual care to persons with life-threatening illness and their families.

    A Partnership in Caring

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