A lovely poem written by the family of one of our patients during her final days…

Casting Off

Her unseen guests float in and out,
on a stream of unfinished business, chattering
shadows, sudden ripples in the veil.

She studies a tumbled river, deciding where to cross.
What she sees is beyond them, a conundrum
for the daughters who ring round her,

beloved charms on a chain of light. She drifts
on ribbons of words that pull her to
and fro, as her children chant it’s alright, it’s time,

your work is done. Her sons would carry her,
hoist her high, lift her over if they could.
But this line is her own to draw. When she’s finished

she’ll unlace the ties and step over, leaving
those who love her loosened, unanchored
for a time against the stiffening breeze.

– Rebecca Clark

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