Settings of Care

Care at Home

Caring for patients in their own home is a hallmark of palliative end-of-life care and is also available during earlier phases of illness, if required. Care from all team members is available in the patient’s home, and nurses may be called on when questions arise or help is needed. When patients require a broader range of home care services, they may be referred for admission to an outside visiting nurse agency, in addition to our program. The staffs of the Palliative & Supportive Care Program and the visiting nurse agency will then work together to provide the level of services necessary in a well-coordinated manner. Medical equipment can be brought into the home as necessary.

Care in the Hospital

If hospitalization is needed at some point during an illness, our program staff and the hospital in-patient staff work closely together to make the hospitalization as comfortable as possible for both patients and their families. The Nantucket Cottage Hospital has very pleasant rooms, many large enough to accommodate a couch or an extra bed, and family is allowed to visit our patients 24 hours a day, including overnight if so desired.

Care in the Nursing Home

If a patient resides in Our Island Home, our program staff and the nursing home staff will work closely together to maintain our patients’ comfort and well-being and to support their families.

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